PPE Solutions

PPE Solutions

During these uncertain times, protection is an essential part of daily lives when protecting yourself and others.
We offer the following products:

• Surgical Masks
• FFP2 Masks
• FFP3 Masks
• Digital Thermometers
• Hand Sanitizer in all shapes and sizes
• Hand Liquid 1 Litre 5 Litre 1000 Litre
• Gloves

All Items Non-refundable – Please email ian@imacorporate.co.uk for prices and quantity requirements.

We also offer:
• Protective Clothing
• Hi-Vis Wear
• Corporate Clothing
• Bags
• Hard Hats

Delivery – We can get you the product to your exact delivery time requirements, subject to availability.

We accept All Major Credit and Debit Cards

Please call for a quote 0113 8805323
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